Repair & Maintenance

Our expert team of maintenance and troubleshooting technicians is at your service to solve your technical problems on board. On appointment they shall visit your vessel (and bring their mobile workplace if necessary) in order to resolve technical failures so that you can continue your journey as soon as possible.

Our team is usually contacted for the following general problems: electricity, navigation hardware, communication equipment, Webasto heaters and air conditioning, alarm & monitoring, etc.

Contact one of our staff directly.

New-built vessels

The building of new vessels requires thorough preparations as these project last one or two years. Our engineers prepare these projects in teams in order to ensure that the execution is done efficiently by using a detailed plan of action.

We can work very efficiently because our team leaders have worked together on a great number of large projects over the past decade. System integration is one of our unique selling points because CJ has a wide experience in this field.

We can install in compliance with the guidelines of all major notifying bodies such as Lloyd’s Register and the American Bureau of Shipping.


Refit projects are a unique discipline. Refits are often short-term projects to adjust existing systems on board. For all our disciplines we offer tailor-made solutions. Our teams are accustomed to close-fitting cooperation, which results in an excellent system integration.

In consultation with our customers we pick the most suitable location in The Netherlands, at Palma de Mallorca or elsewhere.

Spare parts: worldwide delivery

Increasingly we deliver spare parts that are needed for the maintenance and repairs of our customers’ vessels while they are under way. We have trusted partners to ship parts and receive and store parts for our clients.

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